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Truck Driver Training at CDLC              

Commercial Drivers Learning Center, Truck Driver Training, Sacramento, CA 

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Which yard do you want to play in?!? 
Our clean, paved and striped yard?
Or the other Sacramento truck school yards?
Dirt or gravel lot, or in the rain...mud???
yes, they are really local schools.
Truck School A
Truck School B
Truck School C
Come visit us at our office located on the corner of  Exposition Blvd. and I-80:
1787 Tribute Rd.
Suite L
Sacramento, CA 95815
Office: (916) 550-9650

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

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Our pledge to you...
"When I envisioned starting up my own truck driving school, in Sacramento, I wanted to make a lasting impression, from start to finish.  Each and every step of your experience from your first phone call, to your training, and then getting back to work is valued with equal importance.  The entire staff will provide you with commitment, dedication, and allegiance."    
                                                                -Robby Wilson

The professional office staff, at CDLC, is committed to assisting you in selecting the course that will provide you with personal growth and development, no matter what your experience level, to ensure your success at school.  We will get you on the right path so that you can start your career quickly and confidently.

Dedication.  At CDLC, our training instructors are dedicated to train truck drivers that are safe and respectful to the public that share the road.  We will provide you with the highest quality of training in state-of-the-art equipment.  Our trucks are newer model Freightliners that are strong, reliable, safe, and clean.  Our training yard is completely paved, not gravel, or a dirt lot.   The yard is strategically located on the corner of Richards Blvd. and Highway 160.  We provide bilingual instructors to service your personal needs. We are not simply here to help you "pass" the test.  We are dedicated to keeping each class small so that each student has the ability to work one-on-one with an instructor and has the comfort to ask any question that may arise. 

Most of all, we pledge our allegiance to assist you in the proper placement of a job that satisfies both your personal and professional needs.  Our experienced staff will connect you with a variety of opportunities to assure success in your new career, and we pledge this for the life of your career, no matter what.  Our job placement center is complete with computers and a database of several hundred local companies and far more Over-the-Road carriers. Click on job placement to see about our success with placing graduates in a truck driving position.

In conclusion, the entire team represent the same qualities that I view as essential to business as I do to my family's success:  LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, ADAPT, and BE PROUD! 

Thank you for considering us to be your school of choice.  Come visit us at our office and classroom, which is conveniently located within the heart of the Sacramento Region, by Cal Expo, off Exposition Blvd., and I-80
.  Use the Google maps link on the left for directions.